我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by EcoRoots
我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by TIVC
我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Witerki

9 Gifts for Vegans For Festive & Fur-Free Fun


一个nd no, that doesn’t mean a gift your furry friend will love to chew (thoughTaavicertainly loved to sink his teeth into ours).

一个n animal friendly gift is acruelty-free and vegan gift,or one that doesn’t contain animal ingredients or cause harm to any animal in the process of being made.

In the spirit of the coming festive season (whatever you celebrate), we thought we’d put together some of the best vegan gift ideas we could find.

We selected gifts people are not only able to use (as opposed to dust collectors) but are also in the spirit of everything we stand for either in our approach tosustainable beautyorethical fashion.

Basically, we don’t want any skin, fur, fat, or other animal-derived ingredient under the tree.

We hope it’s a helpful source of inspiration for all your gift shopping needs in the coming year, whether you’re looking for a vegan Christmas, birthday, or Valentine’s gift, or just a little something that says “I love you (and animals).”

一个lso, if you’re into zero waste (like we are!), check out our latest article for ideas onzero waste giftsfor greener giving.

Hint: Most of those items are vegan, too!

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我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Pop Up Poetry

Etsy-basedPop-Up Poetry Shophas the perfect all-in-oneaffordable vegan gift basket.

一个side from normal gift basket-type items like bath bombs and vegan sweets, these boxes include unique and personalizable items like a little box of vegan jokes and reusable test tubes filled with loose leaf tea or organic vegan hot cocoa.

With budget friendly options, you can choose between the Mini Vegan, Viva La Vegan, and Vegan-Tastic Hampers (between $30 – $50), each one with more heartfeltgoodies than the last (like an adorable plush felted avocado keychain!).

They’re also packaged in an eco friendly way, including paper washi tape, compostable twine, and a real lavender sprig garnish. Though the glass test tubes are wrapped in kraft paper and a bit of bubble wrap to ensure safe transport.

If you’re looking for more gift ideas specifically from Etsy shops, here’s our list of thebest Etsy giftsjust for that purpose.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Earth Hero

一个nother simple all-in-one gift, help your vegan double their earth-conscious efforts by gifting them the foundation of azero waste kitwith EarthHero’s Global Healing Collective xWild Foundation Gift Box.

一个t around $50, this zero waste gift box includes rePETe produce bags, a reusable silicone sandwich bag, aneco friendly cutleryset (complete with stainless reel straw), and a bamboo toothbrush.

Each item is BPA-free, vegan, and guaranteed to help cut back on all kinds of plastic waste (which indirectly saves birds and marine animals who often eat and or get caught in these items!).

Plus, this gift keeps on giving because 10% of the proceeds go toward protecting nature through the WILD Foundation. It’s basically two gifts in one: the gift itself and a donation in their honor!

If you want to spend a little more on a gift, EarthHero’sSelf Care Gift Boxsays, “Be kind to yourself and be kind to the planet; you both deserve it.”

This $75 eco-friendly gift set is filled with all sorts of pampering items to help take the edge off a lo week at work or ease those rising eco-anxieties. That includes a soy candle, herbal lotion bar, detoxifying bamboo charcoal soap bar, kelp face mask, and agave fiber washcloth.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by EcoRoots

For that special vegan in your life who loved getting glam, a thoughtful vegan beauty product (or two) might do just the trick.

一个nd since so many traditional beauty items are neither vegan nor cruelty-free, taking the time to find some ethical alternatives, demonstrates you truly care.

One of our go-to stores for just the occasion isEcoRoots.

The majority of what they sell is vegan (and cruelty free, (mostly) plastic free and ethically sourced and manufactured). They have a range of sustainable beauty products to choose from but here are some ideas:

  • LuaSkinCare’s vegan toner: Magical wildflower and desert scents won’t just calm and balance the skin, but the mind, too. Of course, knowing they’re not sacrificing an animal life for that healthy glow will put their mind at ease, too.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by EarthHero

一个s you can tell we love EarthHero!

But if their plethora ofgift ideas for vegansstill leaves you feeling apprehensive about getting something they’ll really love, err on the side of caution by getting a gift card instead.

Some people view gift cards as impersonal; we view them as sustainably infallible. Why take the chance of getting your loved ones something they may not even like, when you can instead give them the ability to buy whatever they truly want?

EcoRootsoffers e-gift card options (so no plastic waste, either!) in a range of different prices. While more of azero waste store, they offer mostly vegan products (including those for beauty and personal care, cleaning, and kitchen), too.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Boody

Boody even offersgift cardsfor indecisive shoppers.

一个ccording to this vegan fashion brand, “Comfort is nothing without peace of mind”, and the same can be said of gift giving.

So if you want to give something that will provide comfort for you and the receiver, consider a pair ofsustainable pajamasby Boody.

Or if gifting PJs makes you feel a little too much like Grandma, thissustainable bamboo-lovingbrand has plenty of ethically-made fashion basics and accessories to choose from.

Maybe your loved one is cut from a different cloth and doesn’t actually want clothing. Maybe footwear is more their forte.

While the concept of finding vegan footwear amid a sea of leather-based options may make gift giving even more daunting, fear not. There are a lot ofsustainable sneakers,vegan sandals, and eveneco friendly bootsthat don’t include any animal based materials.

PETA-approvedEthleticis just one example and their classic skate-style sneakers would make for a great gift for adults and kids alike.

Made with organic cotton uppers, coconut fiber fitness, and FSC-certified natural rubber soles, these Fair Trade certifiedvegan shoes(which could double as afair trade gift)将帮助你所爱的人走十英里stepping on any living creature.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Malia Designs

What good is a great vegan wardrobe without avegan handbag and purseto go with it?

For years, luxury handbags have traditionally been made of leather. Now, there are tons ofeco friendly handbags, pursesandsustainable walletsall made sans leather, for your gift-giving pleasure.

Malia Designsis one of our favorites, with a huge selection of handbags made by women-led fair fashion cooperatives. These bags aren’t just vegan, but fully recycled, too, made of materials like feed bags, cement bags, and denim/cotton canvas garment factory leftovers.

Elvis & Kressealso specializes in vegan handbags made from upcycled materials, but their material log includes things like Burberry leather scraps, auction banners, military parachute silk, and London Fire Brigade decommissioned fire hoses. In fact, for over a decade, they’ve ensured literally NO London fire hoses have gone to the landfill.

一个side from just purses and handbags, they also makeeco friendly backpacks, wallets, laptop cases, briefcases, and belts, meaning they have tons ofvegan gifts for men.

一个nd if you don’t feel comfortable picking out something as personal as a handbag (or any of the above items), both brands offer gift cards as well.

Did we mention both of thesebrands give back, too?!

Elvis & Kresse is a Certified B Corp and Social Enterprise Business for Good that donates a whopping 50% of their profits to various charities. Malia Designs has donated over $160,000 to Cambodian NGOs working to stop human trafficking.

So essentially your gift gives back to more than just one person!


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by TIVC

Dreading the fact that it’s almost time to start shopping for the holidays?

Don’t, because if all else fails, there are some greateco friendly vegan watch brandsthat will save you some time deliberating on the perfect vegan gift.

TIVC(short for Time IV Change) is here to help you change your gift giving habits. Why buy a chintzy holiday-themed watch they’ll wear maybe once a year when you can instead give them an elegant and classy timepiece, they’ll want to wear every day?

TIVC’s watches feature vegan bands made of recycled PVC-free synthetic eco suede and Pinatex. Combine that with 60% recycled stainless steel faces and carbon neutral shipping and you have a fashionable guilt-free gift.

We’re enamored withVotch’s big-faced, minimalist watches, and any recipient will be, too. Like TIVC, they use Pinatex and a partially recycled cotton/PU microfiber blend “to show that you don’t need to be cruel to be cool.”

Both Votch and TIVC are PETA-approved vegan and donate 10% of their profits to animal welfare and rescue organizations.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by EcoRoots

What smells even better than fresh-baked egg and butter-free Christmas cookies?

一个soy waxvegan candle!

For animal-free aromatherapy,EcoRootsis a no-brainer.

Their American-grown soy wax candles contain deliciously pure essential oils and an organic cotton wick. Since they’re 100% free of Paraffin, parabens, phthalates, toxins, SLS, and artificial colors, they’re even clean burning (no black on the ceilings or lungs!).

Between the lovely recycled amber-glass containers and the plastic-free shipping, this makes for the perfectzero waste vegan gift.

For more brand variety, check out the oh-so-many delectably natural scented soy candles fromEarthHero. Their options are entirely non-toxic handmade-in-the-USA including those by PF Candle Company, Sanari.

一个nd if you need more ideas, burn down to our guide oneco friendly candles.


我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says
Image by Witerki

If none of these quite strike you as the perfect cruelty-free gift for that special vegan in your life, set your sights on Etsy.

一个quick search for “vegan gifts” will bring up literally thousands of options from individual makers and small businesses from around the world.

From snack gift boxes toethical jewelry, Etsy is a veritable vegan paradise.

If you need a place to start, check out the Polish shop,Witerkihas some vegan Belgian dark chocolate and nut truffle box sets that look simply divine. Everything is handcrafted in small batches, gluten-free, vegan, and personalizable. Is your loved one allergic to nuts or any other ingredient? Just let her know and maker Julie can alter the recipe.

For a gift with less flavor and more function,Mind the Cork(who also happens to be one of our faveBlack-owned Etsy shops) makes adorably minimalist planters, sculptures, and wallets out of (drum roll please…) cork!

Cork is not only just about the bestvegan leather alternativethere is (being fully biodegradable and durable), but a really earth friendly material that comes from sustainably and harmlessly shaving the bark off one of the world’s most carbon consumptive trees.

Etsy also carbon offsets the shipping of every single thing sold through their platform. Cruelty-free crafting AND carbon neutrality? That’s basically all we want for Christmas any year!


Nothing says “I care about you” more than a gift that also says, “I care about animals”.

给一个ethical giftfeels great; but also knowingnothingwas harmed in the making of said gift feels even better. To round out the feel-good trifecta, the person receiving it will also feel rather warm and fuzzy about the thought you’ve put into it, especially if they’re vegan.

We hope this list has been helpful for all your vegan gift giving needs. If you think we’re missing some othergreat vegan gift ideas– do tell! We’re always looking to update this list with some creative options.

我们认为每一个礼物都应该是一个动物友好的gift! So, here's some of our favorite gifts for vegans that says

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